Clear Merchant Solutions Inc.

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Clear Merchant Solutions Inc.

CALL US AT +1 844 480 0001

Products and Services

Clover Flex

Vx620 Duet

Vx680 WiFi BT

Point of Sale Terminals

Clover Flex

  • Clover Flex is the future of point of sale terminals.
  • Available Now!

Vx680 WiFi BT

  • Reliable on site portable terminal.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth ready.

Vx620 Duet

  • Best Seller.
  • Reliable and durable for everyday merchants.

Online Services


Bring your store to the word of online shopping. 


Custom build solutions for your company.

Web Site

Head over to to see how quick you can build your website.

Use promo code: CLEAR for 10% off any package.

Virtual Terminal

Accept mail to order orders and setup recurring billing with our online virtual terminal.

Payment Profiles

Keep credit card on file for future payments. 


Accept payments for you invoices through your virtual terminal.


GATEWAYS, Dinopay Gateway, Bambora and More!


We will work with you to build custom integrations.


We integrate with some of the most widely used shopping carts; Shopify, woocomerce, and more.

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