Clear Merchant Solutions Inc.

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Clear Merchant Solutions Inc.

CALL US AT +1 844 480 0001

Membership Services

Customer recurring billing made easy.  Clear Pricing, no tricks.

Recurring Billing

Set it and forget it recurring billing through our Virtual Terminal.  Perfect for membership fees.

A La Cart Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal to process card not present transaction like mail to order or membership fees. 

Virtual Terminal features:

  • Recurring billing
  • Fraude Detection
  • Card Profiles
  • Invoicing
  • Electronic Checks (US Only)
  • Batch Transactions
  • ACH
  • EFT ( Canada only, Coming soon)
  • Quickbooks integration


Use our API to create your custom membership solution.

QuickLinks - Quickly build out shopping carts, recurring membership fees, or just buy now buttons.

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We want to keep it simple. 

Clear Merchant Solutions are advocates of cost plus pricing.

Processing fees for merchants that require recurring billing are cost + 0.55% + $0.05 a transaction.

No setup fee.

No activation fee.

Gateway fees

$30 a month plus $0.30 a transaction.

  • Gateway fees include recurring billing, Customer Vault, and Fraud Detection.
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